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There are a number of reasons why we believe Pharos can give you a better service:

Qualified staff
Unlike many other brokers, all the members of the Pharos team are CII (The Chartered Insurance Institute) qualified or working towards a recognised professional CII qualification and between them, the directors of Pharos have 50 years' experience of working in the insurance industry.

Business expertise
As a company, Pharos is in business too, so we understand the commercial pressures our clients are currently facing. Many of our competitors' account handlers are sales employees who cannot relate to the difficulties of being in business, particularly in the current unfavourable economic climate.

Continuity of service
Many new clients cite frequent changes of account handler following mergers or acquisitions as a reason for changing brokers. That's not the case at Pharos. We value continuity as much as our clients, so you won't have to suffer a change of account handler every time you turn your back. Many of our staff have been with us for over six years and our young, energetic management team is committed to growing the company.

Serving you better in the South East

South East base
Based in Dover, we employ local staff, are involved with the local community and understand the business environment in Kent. If you're based in the South East, we can get to your offices quickly or if you're in the area, you can call in and talk to us face-to-face about your insurance requirements.

A-Z account handling
Many insurance firms employ a sales force to 'put business on the books'. Clients are then passed on to a 'customer service team' and then to a 'claims team'. This doesn't happen at Pharos: the same team of brokers will work on your account from start to finish and can therefore provide advice based on detailed knowledge of your insurance arrangements.

Jargon-free communications
You'll find us easy to understand. We make every effort to avoid insurance jargon and communicate in plain English. If we do have to use insurance terminology, we will always provide you with an explanation so that you understand the implications.

Green workplace practice
As a company, we endeavour wherever possible to source all our material from Kent businesses, recycle waste, and reduce energy consumption and transport miles. With the help of our staff, we have developed a comprehensive environmental policy to encourage sustainable practices in our offices.

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