If you are a Diplomat from outside the UK, arranging your car insurance can be a challenge as most UK insurers are unable to offer cover to vehicle owners who

  • Are non-UK resident
  • Hold non UK/EU driving licence holders
  • Are members of overseas diplomatic or military personnel

Of the insurers that will agree to offer cover, most will often charge much higher premiums and often will not accept non-UK No Claims Discount

The Pharos solution

We have been arranging motor insurance for diplomats for well over 25 years and have developed a specialist insurance facility that provides discounted premiums for diplomatic and consular staff from all over the world* whilst they are posted in the UK that offers

  • Acceptance of non-UK No Claims Discount
  • Introductory No Claims Discount where claim-free driving history cannot be proven
  • Discounted premiums with extra reductions for low annual mileage and overnight garaging
  • Cover for high-value, performance and luxury vehicles
  • Additional discounts for insuring more than one vehicle
  • Comprehensive Cover from one of the UK’s leading A-rated insurers
  • A Nationwide network of Approved Repairers offering
    • Guaranteed repairs
    • Free collection/delivery service
    • Free Courtesy Car in the event of an accident or theft damage to your car whilst yours is being repaired
  • Low Cost Motor Breakdown Cover
  • Full Cover in EU member countries (maximum 60 days travel outside the UK in any one period of insurance) at no extra cost
  • Premium Finance to spread the cost
  • Special Fleet rating for Embassies operating two or more vehicles

*We regret that due to legal restrictions we are unable to provide cover for diplomats from countries that are subject to UN, EU and UK Treasury Sanctions

Our team of specialist and experienced brokers is on hand to assist with preparing quotations, arranging your new policy and helping with any claims that you may need to make.

If you have any queries or questions about Pharos, we are always happy to help. For a competitive quote, call 01304 872900.

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